Additonal Work – Template Customization

Need a little extra work done on your template?  Just click that Buy Now button below and we’d love to do it for you!  Thank you!

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We offer both PAID and FREE landing page development services.


  • Flat-rate Pricing
  • Customize any one of our dozens of templates
  • LeadPages Pro Account Required

How It Works

Pick one of our existing templates.  Tell us how you would like us to change it.  We make the modifications and send you the template zip file.  Please note that you need a LeadPages Pro account in order to upload the customized template.

"Dude TemplateLauncher blew me away, pun intended. Perhaps the most fun I've ever had spending $500. Plus I walked away with a sweet landing page."

− Lee Shadle | Santa Monica, CA

"Me too! TemplateLauncher blew me away, pun intended. Perhaps the most fun I've ever had spending $500. Plus I walked away with a sweet landing page."

− Ben Shadle | Santa Monica, CA

About Our Launch Technicians

That’s Ben there on the left, and Lee on the right. We were hiking in the Pacific Palisades near our homes in Santa Monica, California.

We can’t say enough about our technicians. They are perhaps the coolest, awesomest people you’ll ever meet! OK you caught us, we are the founders of TemplateLauncher and we’ll be guiding you through your landing page launch.

Our names are Ben and Lee Shadle, we’re brothers and we’re developers that run a small web development shop. Our specialties are building custom websites, web apps, and landing pages. Lee does the frontend design and development and Ben does the backend architecture and development. We’ve been building sites for clients for over 4 years now.

We started TemplateLauncher because we saw a huge need for high quality templates at an affordable price. When we build a site for a client it can cost anywhere from $3,000 up to $100k+. While this is great for us there are many times when it’s just too expensive for someone’s budget. That’s why we believe so strongly in TemplateLauncher. We want everyone to have the opportunity to have an awesome landing page at an affordable price.


How do I get my template idea chosen for the Free L(a)unch?

We are pretty picky when it comes to building free templates.  We have to see a larger need in the marketplace for your template.  The more industry specific and problem specific your template idea is, the more likely we are to build your template.  A really good example of this would be if you are in the real estate industry and you are looking for a template to showcase one of your property listings.

Why is the Template Customization $250?

Unfortunately, it just takes time to build a custom Landing Page template.  We’re constantly looking at ways to speed up our development process.  Until we come up with faster methods of automating the development process we’re going to have to charge for the time it takes to customize the template.

How much can I expect to make selling my template on the marketplace?

We have some templates that have sold $100 over their lifetime, while others have a lifetime earnings of $900+.  It really depends on what you price your template at and the broader demand in the marketplace.  We’ve found that the more industry specific and problem specific the template addresses the better our sales are.